Citizens:mk was launched a few years ago, largely thanks to the efforts of Tim Clapton, our Development Chaplain. It was an exciting project, which had the potential to unite community groups in the city so that they could tackle big issues concerning social justice. By working together we would have a voice – and the power to effect real change.

The high point was the elections in 2010, when we sent a delegation down to London so that we could take part in the so-called ‘fourth debate’ at which Citizens:uk met the three men who wanted to be prime minister…

Along the way, I learnt a lot from Citizens about community organising – and have applied these lessons in my own work. I became a bit of a fan of their methodology and the way they operated…

But Citizens:mk dropped into the doldrums as the reality of running such a complex alliance set in… We didn’t maintain the energy and it was all beginning to look a bit tenuous…

Which is why this evening’s (12th February) delegates assembly was such a delight. The energy was back, there was real focus, and the alliance set achievable priorities. I am greatly encouraged!

Citizens:mk set four priorities for the coming year:

  • The Living Wage
  • Transport in MK
  • Weaving Trust (in local communities and between generations)
  • Safe space for young people (online and for youth groups)

There will be project groups that focus on each issue.

In May the alliance will meet local political leaders for the ‘accountability assembly’ – not something to be missed!

I know Citizens:mk hasn’t been away – but it feels as if it is well and truly back!

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