From 1st February 2014 the current system for reimbursing retired clergy providing vacancy cover has been simplified.

Reimbursement of Fee for Service of Worship

The diocese will continue to reimburse parishes for their payments to retired clergy with permission to officiate (but not if they are licenced to a particular parish ) who undertake service cover (Holy Communion, Matins, Morning Prayer, Family Services and Evening Prayer) during a vacancy. Forms are available from the Diocesan Web Site for this purpose.

The current fee is £33 per service.

However it is now the responsibility of the churchwardens and treasurer during the vacancy to ensure that visiting clergy are paid promptly for services they have undertaken from PCC funds. We suggest that a cheque be left for the visiting clergy or sent to them the following week.

Once payment has been made by the PCC to visiting clergy, a claim to the diocese for reimbursement can be submitted to the Finance Department. We suggest this is done on a monthly basis. The form should state the services that have been covered with the name of the clergy together with the PCC bank details on the first claim submitted. The finance department will refund fees paid directly to the PCC bank account. You may wish to retain a copy of this form for your own records, or to devise a local system to record monies received by visiting clergy.

Travel Expenses

Please note, ALL costs related to the payment of travel expenses incurred by visiting clergy are now the responsibility of the PCC (as would be the case with an incumbent). These will no longer be reimbursed by the diocese. It is suggested that payment is made at the current rate of 45p per mile.

Service fees should only be paid to retired clergy with Permission to Officiate (but not licenced), this does not include Chaplains, self-supporting ministers or LLMs, although ALL clergy covering during a vacancy should be reimbursed for their travel.

Fees for Occasional Offices

Retired Clergy, with Permission to Officiate, are entitled to retain two thirds of the Diocesan fee for weddings and funerals. The Fee for occasional offices taken by all other clergy must be sent to the Diocesan Board of Finance.

On rare occasions, due to exceptional circumstances, licensed clergy have been granted specific permission from the archdeacon to receive fees. Exceptions may be confirmed by contacting the Archdeacon’s office.

Please note there is no fee for a service of baptism, even if it takes place at a separate service.

Archdeacon of Buckingham

Archdeacon of Oxford

Archdeacon of Berkshire

Archdeacon of Dorchester

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