You will have noticed Christmas decorations and adverts appearing already…
One of our local pubs has a big holly and ivy display over the fire place which says, “Feliz Navidad”.

Many Christians would like to say that Christmas doesn’t start in September, it starts with Christ.

There is a national campaign which many of our denominations and organisations support which is trying to remind people of the Christmas story and its significance (See They want to encourage us to use their logo on our publicity – even if we do nothing else – so that the message is reinforced.

In Milton Keynes we have run radio advertising supported by a web site for two years now – and we have built up a bit of a reputation nationally for being rather good at this! People are impressed with the way we work together and the scale of our efforts.

We plan to do another radio campaign again this year – and the web site has already been revamped to make it easier for people to find their local church (see

This year’s radio adverts can already be heard (see:

There will be more information soon so we will be able to tell you how to make a contribution, and there will be a visit to the offices of Heart FM where we will have a chance to meet and discuss the campaign.

In the meantime, please keep this in mind as you begin thinking about Christmas – and make sure your church councils have it on their agenda…

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