During the past few years, we have become concerned that there was a lot of negative publicity being circulated about Christian Funerals. There are leaflets in circulation which say all sorts of things about funerals taken by Christian ministers which are basically not true.

We realise that many of these leaflets are being produced by people who want to sell their own services and are just trying to make money, but it seems wrong to let this happen without speaking up, because it is hurting the reputation of the churches.

We set out to make our own leaflet which gives a positive message about Christian funerals. We worked with our partner churches and agreed a text which said what we thought was important for people to know. It was discussed ecumenically and we were keen that it was a Christian rather than an Anglican message.

The leaflet is now available and is being circulated to undertakers.

This is part of our ongoing Funerals Project which is a priority for MK Deanery.

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