One of the most important decision-making bodies in the Church of England is the Deanery Synod. Each synod is elected for a three-year term and has responsibility for:

  • Setting the strategy of the Deanery through the Deanery Plan
  • Contributing to big decisions at diocesan and national level
  • building relationships between Christians at local level

The Deanery Synod also elects people to:

  • General Synod – where the big decisions are made
  • Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee – where details of the plan implementation are discussed and decided and specific actions are agreed…

We are at the begining of a new Synod which will meet between 2014 and 2017. Members have been nominated and now the synod needs to form… The synod will meet three times a year and there will be some interesting meetings comng up…

At the first meeting on October 7th we will elect new officers and members of the DMPC which will also serve for the next three years.


  • October 7th Deanery Synod
  • List of Deanery Meetings
  • Remit for the DMPC


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