Proposed Deanery Mission Action Plan

The Deanery of Milton Keynes is working towards a new Mission Action Plan. It will be presented to synod in January. VisionMilton Keynes: A City Alive to God PurposeTo join with God in creating a caring, sustainable and growing Christian presence in every part of Milton Keynes. Priorities1. Keeping God at the Heart 2. Building […]

He’s on his way…

Many thanks for the support you have given to the ChristmasMK project. We paid our bill on time (thanks to Adrian at the Mission Partnership) and have also replaced our reserves – which is good news for Easter! It’s too late to book more radio advertising for Christmas, but we will be spending a small […]


Andy Bryant, Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care at Norwich Cathedral, recently shared his powerful experience sleeping in the cathedral cloisters for the Advent Sleepout Challenge.  The following is an exerpt.  The full account can be found at:- “Lying there, wrapped in numerous layers, and listening to the world go by, I decided that, […]

Weaving Trust

This is not about a Trust set up to organise weavers – it’s one of Citizen:mk’s campaigns to weave trust between people in our city by increasing the number of conversations between people of different ages, faiths and residential areas in MK. Citizens:mk itself, which was launched in 2010, is working to build better relationships between the […]

Refugee Crisis

A number of people have asked for more information on what they can do locally in response to the refugee crisis. Here are a few options. It’s not a prescriptive list, mererly a few ideas from different sources: 1. Theological: The Council of Faiths in MK have discussed the issue and have a common mind. […]

Church Urban Fund – Poverty Sunday: 21 June 2015

Help tackle poverty in England on June 21st by holding a frugal lunch for Poverty Sunday… With your support the Church Urban Fund can do more to help the most marginalised in our society. This year they’re asking you to invite your church, community group or friends to swap their Sunday lunch for something a little more […]

Marriage of Foreign Nationals: A Change in the Law from 2 March 2015

Marriage of Foreign Nationals The Government has decided to bring in a fundamental change to marriage preliminaries affecting some foreign nationals, with effect from 2 March 2015.  You may have seen the guidance we have been issuing about this over recent months.      If not you can find it here: What this means for couples […]