Many thanks for the support you have given to the ChristmasMK project. We paid our bill on time (thanks to Adrian at the Mission Partnership) and have also replaced our reserves – which is good news for Easter! It’s too late to book more radio advertising for Christmas, but we will be spending a small amount on Facebook – which can be incredibly efficient.

We know that the radio advertising has been heard by several thousand people, but it’s impossible to know what impact this has since it is hard to measure, on the other hand, we can count web site clicks:

Our Facebook posts and videos have been seen by around 9,000 people which has generated 140 direct visits to the web site and 900 video views.

The MKChurches web site has been visited by four hundred people since the start of the month – an increase of 23% on this time last year. The increase mainly due to Facebook advertising linked directly to the web site.

These numbers are relatively low at this stage, which we fully expect given patterns from previous years. Numbers will spike dramatically next week, once people are thinking about Christmas services. At that point they will jump from hundreds per week to thousands per day!

The aim of the project is mainly to start non-church people thinking about the link between Christmas and Christ. We don’t expect quick results, but we do want to change perceptons.

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