The Door is the ‘Diocese of Oxford Reporter’.

Its purpose is to help bring people together across a very large and diverse diocese.  It is used to tell stories, provide inspiration and share good practice.  Bishop John described it as “an instrument of unity”.

The Door is published 11 times a year (July/August is a shared issues).  It is distributed across the diocese by generous volunteers.  In Milton Keynes the collection point for the past few years has been Christ the Cornerstone church, but they do not issue it – a specific number of copies are ordered by MK Deanery, and brought from Oxford!  Cornerstone have kindly agreed to let MK Deanery leave copies there for collection as the church is most central in Milton Keynes.  Copies are put into bundles, depending on how many each church/LEP has ordered, and volunteers come to collect their copies each month.  Unfortunately this does not always run smoothly, as often copies are chaotically removed from the pile before they have been allocated to each church and placed in a named bundle, leaving the organiser in the dark as to who has collected and who hasn’t.  This makes the job extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible!

The Deanery are working on an alternative solution.  In the meantime, I would ask you to respect the integrity of the present system, and only collect your bundle once you see it is ready for collection, ie has specifically got the name of your church/LEP on it.

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