On Tuesday 22nd November, MK Academy hosted the annual Leaders Forum for CitizensMK.  This is where leaders from the member institutions share their findings from listening campaigns within their institutions and seek partners for further research of those issues and crafting of SMART campaign goals.

Our Area Dean, Tim Norwood, was one of the two co-chairs. There were three of our parishes directly represented in the room.

The room was bursting with 55 people representing 20 of our member institutions.

And there was no shortage of stories about issues that are affecting our communities.

In the end, six research teams were created, each with a leader and representatives of at least three member institutions, to find out more about the following issues (leaders in brackets):

  • Air pollution (Michael Sheppard, Transition MK)
  • Hate (Fidele Mutwarasibo and Anthony Okotcha, Church of Christ the Cornerstone)
  • Homelessness and housing (Chloe Markevics, YMCA, and Anna Kearns, St. Mary Magdalene’s Catholic Church)
  • Mental health (Imogen, Christ the Cornerstone)
  • One-stop cultural centre (Liz Kasibo, Global Outreach Foundation)
  • Redways (Josephine Osei, MK Academy).

Any proposals for new campaigns must gain the consent of our members’ alliance at Delegates Assembly on 7th February, when current campaigns may also be proposed further work in the year ahead.  We can proceed only with campaigns which have SMART goals and which we have sufficient capacity to support.

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