Over the past couple of years we’ve been working with our friends in CitizensMK to “weave trust” between the different communities in our area. Previous encounters have involved mosques, churches, the police, the synagogue and the Dons SET. On December 6th we took Weaving Trust into Woodhill prison.

We brought eleven citizens of Milton Keynes in with us. They came from a range of backgrounds and reflected the diversity of our our city. We had muslims and Christians, older people and younger people,men, women, and an unexpected Archdeacon.

I think the prisoners were even more nervous than the guests, but both guests and visitors were soon deep in conversation – meeting each other as human beings, rather than stereotypes.

Obviously, I can’t share everything that was said, but one man described the experience as “holy”.

Wearing Trust will be continuing in 2017 with Alan Bainbridge as chair. If you want to know more, see the Citizens MK website.

(we couldn’t take photographs, so the image above is from the event at st Fideswides.)

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