Deanery Chapter is the gathering of ordained clergy in our area. It used to meet monthly but this became difficult, so we moved to having three meetings a year – one with a bishop or archdeacon, one with a speaker, and one as a summer social.

Anglican clergy in Milton Keynes have a range of different working patterns. Some are part of big teams and have weekly, or monthly, staff or team meetings. Others are on their own. Some work in ecumenical partnerships. Some are under alternative episcopal oversight. It’s hard to have Chapter meetings that suit everyone…

In July some members asked if we could try a monthly communion service followed by a sandwich lunch. We’ve looked into this and will try the idea over the first half of 2017.

We’re going to use St Mary’s in Shenley Church End – because it’s reasonably central, has good parking and we can get in easily. We’ll be meeting on (roughly) the second Wednesday of each month at 12 noon. If it works well, we may extend the plan.

Please pray for our ministers in their very different parishes and ministeries.

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