40 Days of Hope

In the warm-up to Prison Hope, which launches in January, there is an opportunity for prisoners, their families and prison staff to send contributions for inclusion in ‘40 Days of Hope’.

’40 Days of Hope’ will be published by Prison Hope and CWR in autumn 2017, for the period before Easter in 2018. The contributions are being gathered now, the deadline for contributions is 10th February 2017.

There are 4 ways in which people can contribute:

  1. Write your personal testimony of how you have found hope in prison  or after prison – or support someone who wants to tell their story –  600 words maximum.
  2. Tell us which Bible story, Bible verse or Bible character gives you hope  and why – 600 words maximum.
  3. Contribute a drawing or painting on the theme of hope.
  4. Write a prayer of up to 50 words on the theme of hope.

Who can you encourage to write a contribution?

Paul Baker, Deputy Director of Custody, London and Thames Valley writes:

“’40 Days of Hope’ is a good news story about prisons. I hope that many of you will make the most of the chance to have contributions included from prisoners, their families and prison staff where you are. I believe that the fundamental purpose of a prison should be to provide hope for those whose lives are characterised by a sense of isolation from the rest of society and a sense that no one cares. By offering stories of hope, redemption and reflection, I hope we can show even the most disaffected that they have a future. Please take this chance to show that those in your care are able to contribute to establishing this sense of purpose in another human being.”

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