Christmas Message from the Lay Chair

You can’t expect to get to Euston if you only pay the fare to Watford! The Bishop of Oxford has MK as one of his six priorities for mission in the period up to 2025. That is controversial in some areas of the Diocese. If those areas realise that MK is not paying its way (and currently it is not meeting 100% of its Parish Share), then quite understandably there will be resistance to this aim of Bishop Steven’s, and we will be the losers.

We’re Nearly There – But Not Quite!

For the past few years we’ve run a big radio advertising campaign based around the theme “Christmas Starts with Christ”. You’re probably already aware that this year we’ve made three new radio ads of our own linked to this, focussing on the theme of ‘Where’s Jesus?’, because we want to remind people that Jesus was […]

Leading for a Change

“Leading for a Change” is a programme to equip and empower you as a Christian to bring about positive change. The kinds of change envisaged lie within two broad categories:
◾Change initiated together with community partners. This may have a focus on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Marks of Mission;
◾Change which initiates new missional projects within the church.
The course starts on 13 January, so don’t leave it too late!

Refugees Welcome: SUPPORTERS SUMMIT Nov 13th

Help us set the agenda! The work with refugees in MK is reaching an important crossroads! As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, we are looking to you, our supporters, to help us make decisions about the way forward. Our group Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes (RWMK) began two years ago as a Citizens MK campaign, […]

DMPC Elections

The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) is a significant group in the city. It manages processes to do with appointments, planning and strategy. At the first meeting of the current Synod, elections were held to determine the lay and ordained members. The membership of the DMPC can be found here The rules for DMPC […]

DLT Report – November 2017

The Deanery Leadership Team (DLT) consists of the eight Deanery officers, who meet regularly to plan activity and share leadership. It now meets as a Standing Committee (who plan the agendas) and an Ops Team (who run projects and actions).  Reaping the Harvest The past few months have seen an array of discussions reach fulfilment […]

Love not Hate

The Church of Christ the Cornerstone hosted a very exciting day as part of the Fight Against Hate campaign. There were moving testimonies from people who had been personally affected by hate crime or predjudice, and commitments from the police, the council, Ariva Buses and Citizens MK members. Tim interviewed the winner of the poster […]

A Prayer for World Mental Health Day

Most of us will experience stress, anxiety or depression at some point in our lives. Treatment for mental ill-health is under-funded, and support in the community much less good than it should be. Churches can play a hugely important role in helping to overcome stigma, supporting and standing alongside those with mental health needs, and ensuring that all are included in the life of the church.