Are you looking for an opportunity to serve the wider community in your area? Do you have any teaching experience, particularly in the field of RE? If so, then you may be exactly what your community is looking for.

The local SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) advises the Local Authority on the delivery of Religious Education and Collective Worship in community schools and is the body responsible for the creation of the Locally Agreed RE syllabus.

A SACRE is composed of 4 groups: the Church of England, the Local Authority, Teaching Unions, and other faith groups (including other Christian denominations).

There are currently 2 church of England vacancies on the SACRE in Milton Keynes. It would be really good if we could fill these places. The commitment is for one meeting per term, usually 3.45 – 5.00 pm on a weekday and these take place at the Rivers Centre. The ideal volunteers would have a background in schools, preferably in religious education or collective worship and be members of the church of England, attending (or ministering) in a local church. There are currently two clergy on the council, so it is not essential for the candidates to be in ministry. The Local Authority has a section on its website with information about who to contact and the dates, times and venues of meetings (see link). Meetings are public and so it is possible to go along as an observer if you are considering getting involved.

This is an amazing opportunity to influence the education of the young people in our area and contribute to the national debate about the place of RE and collective worship in schools. If the Church of England does not use this opportunity now, it may not get the chance again. Please consider prayerfully whether this is a role you could undertake and share in the formation of the next generation.

If you need more information or would like to pursue this exciting opportunity please contact

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