More and more people across MK now know about the Compass Courses, and their uptake has steadily increased. Having attended one course, members will book another one the following term, and some of the recent courses have had impressive numbers of people attending.

Compass grew out of an awareness of the hunger that existed amongst people in the pews to learn more and to be better informed about their faith. The hope was that by offering courses, the capacity for mission would be increased and strengthened.

Each course is evaluated by its members, and one of the questions that is asked is whether they feel more confident in sharing their faith at the end of it. The response has been encouraging.

Amongst other things, Compass has run courses on: prayer; various Biblical topics; Feminist Theology; Doctrine; Art and Spirituality; Science and Religion; Ethical issues; Politics; Preaching (with an element of accreditation); and in the summer we’ve also had trips to the British Museum to put aspects of the Bible into context.

A special success has been the Mission-shaped Intro course, which has now run a number of times. It offers, amongst other things, practical ideas and examples, and aims to help participants focus on opportunities for mission within their own local situation. Follow-up to this course is planned for the future.

One thing that has been particularly fruitful, for this and for some of the other courses, has been when a group of people from the same church or partnership attend together, because the learning and discussion then spill over into their church life and spread beyond the individuals concerned.

The pattern for the courses has been longer ones, of six or eight weeks in the autumn and spring terms, and shorter, slightly more diverse ones in the summer, when people tend to be less available because of holidays and so on. They are pitched at a variety of levels, so there is always something for everyone. As part of the pattern trips and preparatory lectures are planned for the coming summer term. Course leaflets with all the details will be available from the middle of March, at the Mission Partnership Assembly on 15th , and on the Mission Partnership website.

The planning group is always keen to receive feedback and suggestions, so do let us know.

Carolyn Sanderson

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