The members of Deanery Synod for the House of Clergy in Milton Keynes between 2017 and 2020 were:

Parish   Attendance
Deanery   (out of 9)
Tim Norwood Area Dean 7
John Robertson Mission Partnership 5
Vacant HMP Woodhill 0
David McDougall Rector 4
Ben Thorpe Pioneer Minister 3
Matt Beer (left 2019) Assistant Curate 2
Paul Pavlou Assistant Curate 3
Sam Muthuveloe Team Vicar SSM 1
Christ the Cornerstone    
Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga Steele Vicar 5
Fenny Stratford    
Victor Bullock Rector 2
Stantonbury and Willen    
Paul Smith Rector / Diocesan Synod 5
Neil Popham Team Vicar 0
Chukwuemeka Iwuagwu Assistant Minister HfD 0
St Mark’s MK BMO  
Paul Oxley Lead Minister / Assistant Area Dean 9
Stony Stratford and Calverton    
Ross Northing Rector / Diocesan Synod 2
Matt Trendall Rector 6
Keith Straughan Assistant Minister SSM 0
Water Eaton    
Catherine Butt Vicar 7
Watling Valley    
Sharon Grenham-Thompson Team Vicar / Assistant Area Dean 6
Mike Morris Team Rector / Diocesan Synod 4
Adedayo Adebiyi Assistant Minister SSM 0
Whaddon Way    
None   0
Gill Barrow-Jones Rector 3
Ian Herbert Team Rector 5
Paul Norris Assistant Minister SSM 0
Representatives of PTO Clergy    
Peter Green Retired 4
Susan Jackson Funerals Minister SSM 6
Paul Le Seuer Retired 4

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