The following people are standing for election in 2017

Nominations for Lay Chair

David Thom

Parish: Watling Valley
Proposed by Steve Snook from Bletchley
Seconded by Alison Drury from Watling Valley

Baptised into the Church of Scotland, and confirmed by the Bishop of Rochester in 1961, I have been a Christian all my life and wish that denominational issues did not separate Christians into separate camps.
I am married to Julienne, and we have two daughters and one grand-daughter.
I am a Churchwarden at All Saints’ Loughton and play an active part in the worship and governance there, and in the Watling Valley. I have a business partner of the Orthodox Jewish faith and my profession as a Chartered Architect, working mainly in the social sector, has taken me into a plethora of different types of community. These experiences have underpinned and informed my service as Lay Chair of MK Deanery since 2011, and I am keen to continue that witness of Christian values into the years to come as we face at least three issues in the coming expansion of the population of Milton Keynes:
1. Our ability to minister to incoming residents while maintaining our service to the existing population, whilst the numbers of ordinands is falling year on year, requiring the Laity to take more of a leadership role in Christian worship.
2. The establishment of a Christian presence in all schools, to provide a moral compass to the children of our Deanery.
3. Increasing our partnership with the non-aligned Christian communities in MK so that together, and non-denominationally (or ecumenically), we can be an effective voice for our faith.

Nominations for Deanery Secretary

Steve Snook

Parish: Bletchley
Proposed by Mike Wittle from Bletchley
Seconded by Stephen Walker from Bletchley

As I am no longer in regular employment my main focus is learning to be a beekeeper, volunteering (particularly St. Mary’s Bletchley and MK Deanery), doing the occasional paid work and trying to reduce the number of jobs on “the list”.
I have been Secretary for two years and have enjoyed being part of this exciting Deanery.
I never thought I would use the words exciting and Deanery in the same sentence – but this has been the reality of the last 3 years.
Much has been achieved to date but there is more to do and I believe I can support this work by continuing as Deanery Secretary for the next three years.

Nominations for Deanery Treasurer

Janet Nelsey

Parish: Watling Valley
Proposed by Iola Samuel from Fenny Stratford
Seconded by Alison Drury from Watling Valley

An energetic, motivated Management Accountant used to working under pressure to meet tight deadlines, alone or as part of a team, with strong communications and IT skills and an aptitude for simplifying complex problems.
I studied Business Economics and Accounting at Southampton University and went on to qualify as a Chartered Management Accountant. Working in a range of companies, both large and small; multinationals and small domestic; public, private and charities.
Since having children I have volunteered with a range of organisations, both local and national, including: Chair of Pre-School; Treasuerer of Scouts, Cubs and Beavers; Treasurer of Community Centre; Parish Councilor; Lay Chair then Treasurer of Watling Valley LEP and Churchwarden.
I have enjoyed develping the role of the Deanery Treasurer and would like to serve a second term.

Nominations for DMPC (House of Laity) 5 Vacancies

Peter Lovegrove

Parish: Stantonbury and Willen
Proposed by Jeanette Ann Smith from Stantonbury and Willen
Seconded by …

I have been involved in the Church for many years. I have served on church councils on and off since 1970. I was churchwarden at St James Great Horwood where I also served on Deanery Synod.
I have enjoyed worshipping at St James New Bradwell.
From my knowledge I feel I can make a positive contribution to Synod and the DMPC.

Margaret Prisk

Parish: Stantonbury and Willen
Proposed by Susan Gander from Stantonbury and Willen
Seconded by …

I have been a member of Stantonbury Ecumenical Partnership for 35 years. I have served as Lay Chair (including present time) three times and I have been a member of Deanery Synod at least twice. I am interested in how churches work together in mission. I have served on DMPC previously and I find it both challenging and engaging. I find it helpful to be a part of discussions which are important for mission in Milton Keynes, particularly in view of the rapid expansion. I am thoughtful and believe I have much to offer the group, particularly from the lay point of view.

Michael Wittle

Parish: Bletchley
Proposed by Steve Snook from Bletchley
Seconded by Stephen Walker from Bletchley

Nominations for DMPC (House of Clergy) 3 Vacancies

Catherine Butt

Parish: Bletchley/Water Eaton
Proposed by David McDougall from Bletchley
Seconded by Paul Oxley from St Mark’s MK

Revd Catherine Butt has ministered in MK for 14 years, coming to St Mary’s Bletchley as curate in 2003. She has been Associate Minister since 2009, and will in September 2017 be licensed as vicar of St Frideswide’s Water Eaton, leading a small team from St Mary’s in a transplant project with an aim to equip God’s people to serve the purpose of God and work for the common good in Water Eaton and the Lakes Estate. She serves on the deanery vocations team and has been involved with DMPC for the last 18 months.

Peter Green

Parish: Stantonbury and Willen
Proposed by
Seconded by

I am pleased to be proposed for election to the Deanery Synod and DMPC. I have served the church in this Deanery since 1980. In parochial ministry as team vicar and team leader in Stantonbury. In prison Ministry as lead Chaplain at Woodhill. Since retirement I have serve voluntarily at St Frideswide, occasionally at Cross and Stable and recently as “fill in” at Simpson. During most of this time I have had financial responsibilities in the Deanery and Mission Partnership, with responsibility for number crunching. I am happy to offer what experience I have to the Deanery.

Sharon Grenham-Thompson

Parish: Watling Valley
Proposed by Mike Morris from Watling Valley
Seconded by

I came to minister in the Watling Valley in 2016, but in fact I’ve been connected to MK in one way or other since 2000. I bring a great affection for the city, some 2 decades knowledge of its growth and history, and great hope for the future of mission and ministry in this place. I can offer you “change management” experience taught by the Prison Service, communications skills honed by the BBC, and a passion for mission planted by God! It would be a privilege to serve God, my colleagues and Milton Keynes via the DMPC.

Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga

Parish: Christ the Cornerstone
Proposed by Mike Morris from Watling Valley
Seconded by Ross Northing from Stony Stratford with Calverton

I am a member of the ministerial team of Christ the Cornerstone, a diverse and multicultural church. I have been in post since 2006.
With MK becoming a ‘mission priority’ we have a great opportunity to engage in a wide and inclusive conversation/consultation about the strategy for mission in MK. ‘MISSIONAL IMAGINATION’ is one of my priorities in CCMK and I would like to share that with everybody in our DMPC.

Ross Northing

Parish: Stony Stratford with Calverton
Proposed by Mike Morris from Watling Valley
Seconded by Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga from Cornerstone

Parish Priest in MK Deanery for 19 years with a passion for Church Growth and Mission across the Deanery.

Paul Oxley

Parish: St Mark’s BMO
Proposed by Matt Trendall from Walton
Seconded by Peter Ballantine

I help lead St Mark’s Church which we planted in 2012.
I am the 4th most important person in my family behind my wife and two daughters.
Having grown up in MK I have long had a passion for the city, the Church, and seeing more people come to faith in Jesus. My hope is that next season of life in this Deanery is full of joy and faith and builds on the amazing work done this far.

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