1. Church Growth
• Pioneer Ministry in New Areas
• Lay-led Fresh Expressions
• Re-planting struggling congregations
• Filling in the Gaps
• Building up Resource Churches
• Looking beyond the original borders…
• Local Training and Vocation

2. The Common Good
• Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom
• Ecumenical Partnership through Mission
• Interfaith relationships through shared agenda
• Action and discipleship go together
• Partnerships work!

3. Developing Leadership
• We need more leaders!
• There will be fewer “vicars” available
• Leaders need to be nurtured and supported
• Different models?
• Training and Vocation
• Community Organizing?

4. Being a Blessing Beyond MK
• Milton Keynes is growing! Tipping point?
• A Blessing not a Burden
• New mini-region – “Heart of England”
• New Development Corporation
• National Leadership
• Rural Areas?

5. Resources for Mission
• From Sustainability to Investment
• Need for new resources as city grows
• Need for new resources to fulfil our vision
• Risk: Return to dependency?
• Planning: How do we manage our share and budget?

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