Did you know that about 700 children are fleeing fighting in South Sudan and arriving in Uganda every single week – alone, sick, or separated from their parents? A Teddy Bear can help a child to feel comforted and a bit less alone in this big wide world. Do you have one you can give to someone who needs it more? Is there a sad rejected Teddy sitting in your attic waiting to love someone again? Or do you think you could buy one specially? World Vision are hoping to lay 700 on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral at the end of July to raise awareness of the plight of these little ones. We’re spreading the word to all the churches in Milton Keynes so that we can help World Vision achieve this, but we only have a few days! Teddies need to be taken to World Vision House, Opal Drive, Fox Milne, MK15 0ZR by WEDNESDAY 19 JULY! PLEASE HELP!

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