Just to let you know that individual parish dashboards are now available on the diocesan website showing the most recent statistics information. This has taken a bit of time to do and there are a couple of signposting issues to be sorted that will have to wait until Phil Hind is back but essentially they can be viewed via the A-Z (under P – currently called Parish Spotlights). The old Spotlights have been removed as they are outdated but for now they have been temporarily archived. Caroline Todd (PA to the Diocesan Secretary and Clerk to the Synod) who has been dealing with this is also looking to try to get the name changed to ‘Dashboards’ rather than ‘Spotlights’ to avoid confusion. If you are aware of any other problems with these, please let Caroline know so that she can make sure they are rectified at the same time (Tel: 01865 208297).


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