At Christmas, we usually run a big media campaign linked to “Christmas Starts with Christ”. We’ve used some fun radio ads based on football matches, chat shows, and police chases…

This year we’ve picked the theme “Where’s Jesus?” because we want to remind people that Jesus was born so God could be with us. The message of the Gospel is for everyone – particularly for those who normally feel left out, or left behind.

We’re making three new radio ads based on this theme, and we’ve got a new website:

It promises to be an exciting year!

We need your help!

This won’t happen without the support of local churches. We need your information, your ideas, your help – and your money!

We need your details for our website. It’s our way of telling people where to go for Christmas services and events. The site usually gets thousands of hits, so it’s worth the effort! Follow this link to find out how you can put your services on the website – for FREE!

Getting involved!

We think there are lots of ways you could use the “Where’s Jesus” theme locally. Churches in Newport Pagnell are hunting for Bible characters hidden in their streets. There are lots of possibilities for treasure hunts, story telling and outdoor activities. What could you do to help people think about where Jesus might be today?

We’re planning a couple of city-wide “Where’s Jesus?” events. We’re going to send someone dressed as a classic grown-up Jesus figure, to appear in different parts of the city. If you’d like him to visit you, or you’ve got a really good idea for a photo opportunity, do let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We’re also looking for a couple of really good Jesus costumes, so if you think you could provide one, let us know.

We’re also looking for people to join the team, so if you think you have something to offer, do get in touch.

We need to raise a budget of £5,573 if we’re going to make this happen, but there’s good news already. The Jerusalem Trust have given us £2,000 to pay for the production of the adverts – because they can be used nationally and in future years. We also have a few donations in the bank, so we’re more half way already!!

But that means we still need to find at least £2,000 if we’re going to make a success of this project. Most of the money comes from churches, but we don’t ask for a set figure. In the past, larger churches have given £200 or £300, medium sized churches £50 to £100 and smaller churches £25. We appreciate every gift, because the more you put in, the more we can do!

Donations need to go to the Mission Partnership and details for this will be sent out by email.

Remember to Pray!

Most of all, we need you to pray – that the Good News will be heard in our homes, streets churches this year, and that lives will be changed because people discover that Jesus is there for them!


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