The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) is a significant group in the city. It manages processes to do with appointments, planning and strategy. At the first meeting of the current Synod, elections were held to determine the lay and ordained members.

The membership of the DMPC can be found here

The rules for DMPC can be found here

The rules for membership of the DMPC were agreed by Synod after a debate. Synod was concerned to limit the number of clergy and increase the number of laity. The current rules therefore read:

The Deanery Pastoral Committee will be made up of the following members:

  • The Deanery Officers: Area Dean, Lay Chair, Treasurer, Chapter Clerk, Secretary
  • 5 lay member from Deanery Synod
  • 3 clergy elected from Deanery Synod
  • Expert witnesses may be invited to attend but will not have a vote.


Assistant or Associate Area Deans are therefore NOT members of the DMPC unless elected as Clergy members. This situation was intentional, and we did have an Assistant Area Dean (AAD) when the terms were agreed.

Sharon and Paul (our current AADs) were elected as members of the DMPC in July. The question was asked as to whether they should be regarded as ex-officio members. The answer is that they are not – under the current rules.

If Synod wished to change the rules, this could be done. A proposal would need to be sent to the Standing Committee, Synod would need to discuss it and then vote to approve the amendment.

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