Gareth Russell, Senior Pastor at Grand Union Vineyard Church, has written on behalf of World Vision to thank us all for our support during the ‘Bears On Stairs’ campaign, and to give an update on how the teddy bears we donated have been used. 700 teddy bears were placed on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral back in July to raise awareness of the plight of South Sudan’s children.

This week, the bears will travel to Uganda to bring a little bit of joy to the refugee children who have lost everything.

With conflict still raging in South Sudan, thousands of children are fleeing to Uganda. Many of them are alone, sick or separated from their parents. Most of them have absolutely nothing – not even teddy bears.

On Thursday, our star bear Precious will begin her 6,000-mile journey with the bears from Milton Keynes to Imvepi refugee settlement in Uganda, where we will be distributing the teddies.

Keep an eye out over the next few days for updates on her journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and see the joy of the children as they get their early Christmas presents.

We encourage you all to support the campaign by sharing, liking and commenting on content.


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