New Premises for Citizens:UK

Citizens:UK have now moved to new premises (down the road!) at 136 Cavell Street, Whitechapel, London. Members of MK Deanery shared in the celebrations, and The Rt Rev Adrian Newman, Bishop of Stepney in the Diocese of London, who works closely with Citizens:UK, came to bless the new premises.

Lent Leadership Challenge

In 1 Kings 19.1-16 we read about a particularly significant episode in the life of Elijah. The nation of Israel was facing a cultural, political and religious conflict on a massive scale. On the one side, we have King Ahab, with his infamous wife, Jezebel. On the other, we have Elijah and the prophets of […]

Deanery Organising

The aim of this project is to investigate the use of community organising in an Anglican Deanery. There will be three key areas of investigation which are closely related: 1. The role of the Area Dean as an ‘organiser’ 2. The use of an ‘organising cycle’ by a Deanery Synod 3. The partnership between a […]

Delegates Assembly launches new campaigns

The 2018 Delegates Assembly of Citizens MK has agreed to support four campaigns for 2018. These are: Mental Health, Fight Against Hate, Housing and Homelessness, and Young People’s Voices. Cornerstone Church was particularly well represented, with Fidele Mutwarasibo, taking the lead on Hate Crime, and Tess Price convening the Mental Health group. Tim Norwood spoke […]