The aim of this project is to investigate the use of community organising in an Anglican Deanery.
There will be three key areas of investigation which are closely related:
1. The role of the Area Dean as an ‘organiser’
2. The use of an ‘organising cycle’ by a Deanery Synod
3. The partnership between a Deanery and a ‘broad-based’ alliance

Deanery Organising Cycle

The aim of this project is to discover how the methods of Community Organising might be applied at Deanery Level. This will be done by following an ‘organising cycle’ during the course of a year. For the purposes of this project the Area Dean will be acting as a ‘community organiser’ with a view to discovering how a lay or ordained organiser might facilitate mission in a deanery.
Note: Existing deanery level mission projects like ‘refugees welcome’ and ‘Christmas advertising’ will be open for discussion as part of this process and will not be given ongoing support unless Synod agrees to do so.

Training: Listening for a Change 6.00pm February 4th

The project will start with a training workshop. The workshop will focus on a) the organising cycle, b) one-to-one conversations, c) running a listening campaign.

Deanery Synod: What’s the Big Problem? 7.30pm March 15th

We will use one hour of this meeting to discover which big ‘problems’ the churches of Milton Keynes want to address. Each parish will have an opportunity to present three issues/problems that have arisen from listening to their church members and the wider community. We will then see if there is sufficient interest to develop specific projects. Only those projects with a convener and leaders from more than one parish will be pursued. ‘Research groups’ will be commissioned.

Training: Getting SMART 6.00pm April 15th

This will be a workshop focussed on ‘Setting SMART Goals’. The research groups will meet and refine their proposals/goals.

Deanery Synod: What comes first? 7.30pm May 24th (Revised Date)

We will use this extra meeting to decide which projects will get priority. The top priority projects will get a) staff time, b) financial support, or c) partnerships (i.e. through Mission Partnership or Citizens MK). They will also have priority at our July Synod. Research teams will present their proposals and Synod will ‘vote’ to decide where our resources will be applied. Project teams will be commissioned to continue the work.

Training: Taking Action 6.00pm June 10th

The new ‘project teams’ will be moving forward on their goals, but this will be a training session focussed on the community organising concept of ‘action’.

Deanery Synod: What do we want? 7.30pm July 10th

An hour of the Synod meeting will focus on the projects that have been given top priority and need this time. We may also bring in ‘power holders’ if we need to ask for a particular reaction. This meeting can only be planned in detail when we know what our priorities are.

CitizensMK Leaders Forum October 2018

The Deanery will have an opportunity to present problems at the CitizensMK Leaders Forum for consideration. The Deanery could also offer to take the lead on a specific campaign.

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