Olivia Graham, Archdeacon of Berkshire, writes today in the Oxford Diocesan e-newsletter:-

“The national investing bodies (NIBs) of the Church of England are actively engaged with companies involved in fossil-fuel extraction, to persuade them of their responsibilities to meet the carbon reduction targets agreed in the 2015 Paris climate summit. The NIBs have given a wonderful lead to a coalition of investors, and have developed a good tool for holding these companies to account. Last Sunday saw a fascinating debate in General Synod about their strategy, and Oxford Diocese introduced an amendment to the motion which would have ensured that if, by 2020, these extraction companies do not have a clear business plan for reaching the targets set in Paris, the NIBs would disinvest. The amendment fell, but it paved the way for agreement that this indeed should be the NIBs policy, with the date moved back to 2023. Politics is the art of the possible! I am proud of the leadership which our Diocesan Synod has given on this issue, and the courageous way in which +Steven has taken it forward: a powerful signal of our commitment to this most important and urgent issue of our time.”

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