Understanding Mental Health (UMH) is one of the 3 top priority projects selected by Deanery Synod members following the meeting in May. 

The team comprises members from 4 churches, but as 3 of these are in ecumenical partnerships, 17 churches are effectively already involved, as well as the Chaplaincy at MK University Hospital.

Much work has already been done over the past 9 months defining a strategy for the next few years, as well as continuing to do research and build relationships with other groups.  (The strategy document is available for downloading from the Documents section of this website, under the ‘Information’ tab.  This gives details of the group’s vision, Mission Action Plan (MAP) and Objectives.)

At the recent Synod meeting on 14 November, churches were asked to provide details of groups and services they already offer which people with mental health issues could engage with.  UMH hope to use this information to create a directory which can be accessed across Milton Keynes by churches and other groups.  In the meantime the team will be looking at specific goals for the next few months.

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