Making a Bigger Difference with the Police

Citizens from across the Thames Valley area will be gathering in Milton Keynes on the 29th April.  The aim is to meet candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner election – and see if we can work with them.  It will be a significant evening, marking the launch of Citizens Thames Valley – which will link community alliances in Milton Keynes, Oxford and Reading. 

This is a high priority for Milton Keynes Deanery.  The Bishop of Oxford will be speaking, and the agenda will reflect issues that have been agreed locally.  We will be focusing on:

  1. Climate Change: Asking Thames Valley Police to become carbon neutral
  2. Schools: Asking for better involvement between the Police and our schools
  3. Living Wage: Asking the Police to pay their contractors a Real Living Wage
  4. Misogyny: Asking the Police to record abuse against women as Hate Crime

We need to get as many people to come to the event as possible, because “turnout” demonstrates our interest.  Three of our parishes are members in their own right, but we have committed to bring a further forty from the rest of the Deanery.  Tickets are available from Tim, or from a named person in your church.

29th April 2020 from 6:30 to 8:15pm
at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone

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