Members of the House of Laity: 2020-23

These are the members of Deanery Synod for the House of Laity in Milton Keynes from 2020. The 2017-20 Synod attendance can be found here. Parish Places Attendance Bletchley 5 (out of 1) Rebecca Jane Slingsby   0 Alison Hammett   1 Vacancy   0 Vacancy (St Joseph’s)   0 Sue Gibbs (Whaddon Way)   […]

Milton Keynes Deanery Synod 2020-22

Deanery Synod works on a three year cycle (a triennium). New members are elected from parishes every three years and remain in post until the next election. This is a rough guide to the roles, committees and groups in the Deanery. Deanery Synod Deanery Synod is the “parliament” of the Deanery. It sets policy and […]