Weaving Trust with Middle Eastern Cultural Group

Date(s) - 12/05/2017
8.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Bancroft Meeting Place


Weaving Trust emerged from Citizens:mk with the simple agenda of faciltiating conversations between people who would not otherwise meet. We believe that trust naturally emerges when strangeness and otherness falls away. The main session is where members of a host organisation, in this case the Middle East Cultural Group, have several one to one conversations with others: you and me.

We have held many such events hosted by widely different organisations or groups and feedback is always positive. People find weaving trust to be enjoyable, enlightneing and memorable.

The Middle East Cultural Group has been an active community in Milton Keynes since 2009. They provide social activities and language tuition to people from the Middle East arriving here as immigrants or refugees. They would like to hold out a hand of friendship to the rest of us.

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