Deanery Synod is the “parliament” of the Deanery. It sets policy and strategy rather than dealing with day-to-day business. We try to meet “cafe-style” to maximise interaction and include worship as part of our sessions. There are normally three main meetings every year. Synod consist of:

  • All Licensed Clergy
  • Lay representatives of parishes: note that the numbers are set by the Diocese, and members are elected to represent their parish not their church. 
  • Members of Diocesan Synod – who are elected at a different point in the three year cycle.
  • Deanery Funerals Minister – co-opted by Synod.
  • One representative of clergy with Permission to Officiate (PTO) – elected by PTO Clergy.

Synod usually meets as one body, but can divide into a House of Clergy and a House of Laity – if required.


Standing Committee

The Standing Committee meets monthly. It sets agendas and monitors progress. Includes:

  • Deanery Officers (ex-officio): Area Dean, Lay Chair, Assistant Area Deans, Secretary, Treasurer, Chapter Clerk
  • One from House of Laity – elected by House of Laity
  • One from House of Clergy – elected by the House of Clergy

Note: We have not had a full Standing Committee for a while, and have operated with a Deanery Leadership Team (DLT).  The Diocese has advised us to set up a Deanery Charity (CIO) this year which would be capable of employing staff, holding property or supporting projects. The Standing Committee may become the trustees of this charity, so now would be a good time to ensure that it is in place. 

We need to have equal numbers of elected lay and ordained members. We will review the number during the year as part of the charity registration process.


Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee

The DMPC meets three or four times a year. This group takes on a more detailed role with respect to deployment and other key issues. The DMPC also takes the lead in the development of a Deanery Mission Action Plan.

  • The Deanery Officers: Area Dean, (Assistant Area Dean), Lay Chair, Treasurer, Chapter Clerk and Secretary.
  • 5 lay members elected by Deanery Synod.
  • 3 clergy members elected by Deanery Synod.

Note: the constitution of the DMPC is set by Synod. If we want to change it, we will need to put a proposal to Synod. This year, a proposal will be tabled, which would amend the constitution to include the Assistant Area Dean as an ex-officio member.

Diocesan Synod members are encouraged to stand for DMPC so that we have a good flow of information between DMPC and the Diocese.


The Rules

The rules for the running of Deanery Synod and DMPC can be found on the Deanery Web Site.


Deanery Action Groups

There are a number of groups which report to Synod. They are not sub-committees because they are not made up predominantly of Synod members. We would expect at least one member of the standing committee to be part of each group so that there is good communication and accountability. The current “action groups” are:

  • Understanding Mental Health
  • Deanery Organising Group
  • Deanery Preaching Team
  • Deanery Finance Group