Project: To encourage prayer for mission in Milton Keynes

Lead: Sharon Grenham-Thomson with Paul Oxley and St Marks MK

Next Action: To set up a reference group


The following text comes from the funding bid that was approved in 2019:

Helping the City to Pray

We believe that prayer must be a central focus of our work in Milton Keynes if we are to fulfil our mission here. Prayer is the means through which Christ transforms us, brings us into community and empowers us to serve God in the World. We need to pray for God’s grace to be at work in salvation and transformation – work that only God can do through the Holy Spirit.

We recognise that there are already a multitude of events, meetings and gatherings in Milton Keynes which focus on prayer. We also rejoice that people have been praying for the city and the church here for over fifty years. We want to celebrate the prayer that has and is taking place, but we also want to bless the city in a new way and discover how we might bring prayer into the heart of our activity.

We believe that the most important thing that we can do is to build a united vision for prayer in the city. We believe that this needs to be shared with our churches, our people and our partners from other Christian traditions.

We want to encourage diversity, creativity and a sense of common purpose.

To achieve this, we will need to focus on encouragement, ongoing learning, resources, signposting, modelling and culture change. We do not believe that anyone can do this by themselves, so our aim must be to bring people together in unity so that they can spread out into every corner of the city – feeling equipped and ready to go.

We therefore propose to set up a “prayer network” in the city. This will need to be developed with our ecumenical partners, although we are willing to take the lead in setting it up. There will need to be some form of “reference group” which will include key leaders from our partner churches. We will also appoint a part-time “prayer coordinator” who will be responsible for supporting events, maintaining communication, and resourcing initiatives. We will seek funding for this from a range of partners, and the post will be managed by the Deanery Leadership Team.

Our proposal is to appoint a part-time coordinator for 2020 – working two days a week.

This project will be reviewed in the second half of 2020 with a view to identifying different sources of funding for 2021 – or expanding the project.

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