Project: To provide meeting and office space for mission and church growth

Lead: Tim Norwood

Next Action: To equip the office and meeting room


The following text come from the funding bid that was approved in 2019:

Securing Space to Grow

A number of projects will require space. We have a shortage of meeting rooms, office space and common resources. The current Area Dean, for example, has no office or identifiable base (or expenses) and works from any available coffee shop. While this light-touch approach has a number of advantages, it will become problematic if we are to expand our work. Space will be needed for:

  • The Prayer Co-ordinator
  • The management and support of the CBMK project
  • The Learning Hub
  • Six Pioneer Organisers (as part of the WG6 Network Church plan)
  • A Bishop of Milton Keynes (at some point in the future…)

A small suite of rooms is currently available at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Central Milton Keynes. This doesn’t happen very often because leases are very long term. These rooms would provide a base to work in a key strategic location.

The rooms would be extremely useful in the short-term, providing space for the CBMK Project to support a number of projects. For example, there is a desperate need for spaces where Citizens MK project groups can meet, and it would be useful to have a base from which the growing Deanery Team can work. This would also be a good place for the Prayer co-ordinator to work from.

In the long-term, some of these rooms would provide the home for the Network Church (and would therefore be funded from the WG3 SDF bid). There may also be uses that we can’t anticipate.

We would not like to lose this opportunity, so therefore ask for funding to cover the lease from Q3 2019 to Q4 2020. This would secure our option on the space, and we would need to review and renegotiate for 2021.

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