DMPC Goals: 2018-2020

The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee is committed to prioritising and taking action on mission goals and ministry opportunities across the Deanery of MK. Our overarching focus is on equipping and resourcing the Deanery for growth.

We will serve the Deanery by:

Attending to ongoing projects and tasks including:

  • Pioneer Ministry in Eagle Farm
  • the exploration of Pioneer Ministry possibilities in Whitehouse and Fairfields
  • parish boundary alterations in Newton Leys in line with the new housing development.

Developing a sustainable Deanery-wide strategy for pioneering new expressions of church. This will have a significant overlap with the Celebrate and Bless agenda.

Thinking creatively and courageously – and encouraging our churches to think creatively and courageously – about the challenge of financing our mission and ministry goals. This will include:

  • encouraging the adoption of the Parish Giving Scheme across the Deanery, and
  • the introduction of a new share allocation scheme which serves the strategic priorities of the Deanery.

Initiating a review of Youth Work across the Deanery.

Resourcing growth across the city will involve initiating and continuing conversations with:

  • the Diocese of Oxford and the Mission Partnership with regard to an application for a Strategic Development Fund grant from the Church Commissioners
  • the Diocese of Oxford with regard to the possibility of appointing an Archdeacon for Milton Keynes and with regard to recruiting and retaining clergy with relevant experience and commitment to MK
  • the Mission Partnership with regard to supporting and augmenting training provided by the COMPASS programme, particularly in the areas of leadership and church growth
  • Cornerstone and our partners with regard to its crucial role as a central resource church in MK
  • CitizensMK in an ongoing commitment to local networking in the interest of the common good
  • the Christian Foundation with regard to the most effective way of relating to parishes and churches across the city.
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